Sometimes it feels as though life just has it in for you.   We have all been through it for the last couple of years and just when you are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel the Grinch in the form of Omicron jumps up to bite you.   The news is nothing but depressing whether it is the latest Covid figures or yet another horrible murder.   I used to listen to the radio all day long but no longer – it fills me with gloom.   I have just heard that the latest symptoms for Omicron are that of the common cold – surely somewhere along the line we have to start to treat it like the common cold.   Most people are fairly sensible when they have a cold and don’t try to infect their friends and family.   Isn’t it time to apply some common sense to this disease?   There are, of course, quite a few idiots who won’t be vaccinated – these range from the terrified who believe that the vaccine is untried to the loonies who think that it is inserting a slow acting poison into us and that we are all going to die within the next two years or, even odder, that the injection is just a way for Bill Gates to implant a microchip into us!   Quite apart from the fact that a microchip hasn’t yet been invented that could go down a needle that fine, why on earth would Bill Gates want to do this?  

Is it a legal requirement this brave new ‘woke’ world to have one’s sense of humour surgically removed?    So many of things that we used to laugh at have now become unthinkable and conversely there are endless things that people take seriously but I have to supress a snort of laughter.   Take, for example, the item I heard on Radio 4 – home of the woke, humour free zone – about Mich Fest – this turns out to be The Michegan Womyn’s Music Festival.   The reporter described, in tones of wonder, arriving there to discover all these women sitting round bare-breasted and she immediately stripped off and joined them as they frolicked in the woods – unfortunately I couldn’t get an image of Benny Hill out of my mind – completely with the frenetic music.   To add to the fun a couple of transgender ‘womyn’ turned up and were thrown out – I don’t know if they were actually six foot three bearded ‘self-identifying’ women or not but obviously something gave them away.   Not be defeated they turned up the following year to make a camp across the road where everyone was included – except presumably actual men.

The other story that appealed to my base sense of humour was that of the barrister who has taken his company to court for some form of discrimination because he was on medication for his heart that meant he was unable to stop breaking wind.   He was sharing a very small office with a colleague who at one point said,  not unreasonably, ‘Do you have to do that all the time?’   The company were reprimanded for this and told that they should have made arrangements for the farter to work from home.   The alternative would have been to try and find a larger office or even,  to kill two birds with one stone and comply with Covid guidelines, to keep the windows open even in winter for maximum ventilation. I have to say I am very sympathetic to the person afflicted with constantly breaking wind – something that happens naturally as you age and can cause great embarrassment – however did it really have to be brought before a tribunal?

However. we must strive to find things to laugh at during the festive season and beyond into 2022 – if we just listen to the doom mongers and the scientists we will all be gibbering wrecks before too long – if we aren’t already.  So Happy Christmas to all those kind people who have bothered to read this nonsense and even been kind enough to post a comment.  

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  1. We do get much more irreverent as we get older, and just can’t take as seriously anymore all those things we used to take seriously. We also start to see how humans just do the same things ALL THE TIME, so what’s the point of hearing about it over and over. And we – especially women, I think – get much bolshier. I must say that, apart from the obvious drawbacks, I’m not disliking this ageing process 😄 Merry Christmas, and all the best for the new year.


  2. Stella you took the words out of my mouth but as usual presented them with your special style and humour. No doubt it will be making me smile for the rest of the year at which point I’ll be looking forward to reading your initial thoughts on 2022. Merry Christmas!


  3. How Inagree with you. Well having cancelled Christmas thinking Kate had Covid then when hospital announced she had a bad chest infection. We were back on hosting the family. On Christmas morning Moby got a call saying one of his cousins tested positive. So lunch was cancelled for the second time. Anyway we cooked everything bar the greens. Moby then drove to his uncle’s place in Kensington and handed it over. He retuned with the courses that the cousins were cooking for us. So the four of us finally sat down to eat. We still had good food and watched a silly fil afterwards. Happy New Year if that will be possible. Hugs. Rosexx

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  4. Once again, I find myself laughing at this unashamedly old fashioned common sense. The issue however, is that its not very common, especially amongst the idiots who still insist on NOT BEING VACCINATED ! God help the rest of mankind.
    Well done on your grounded common sense approach.
    Richard Edwards


    1. Thank you so much – it always cheers me up to know that I have made someone smile! And a small validation that it might be the world that is mad and not just me!. Happy New Year!


  5. It’s certainly not you that’s mad, O sane Stella, it’s the world! But there is humour lurking still. On December 30th Bill put on a Music Hall show-and-supper at the RAF Club, to celebrate the 85th birthday of the Players’ Theatre Club. It was touch and go whether we would have to cancel, as both audience and performers dropped in and out, but 73 audience and 6 artistes braved the omicron threat and had a glorious evening with singing and jokes and monologues (Albert and the Lion and The Return of Albert) and magic (from Fay Presto of the Magic Circle), and like-minded (totally non-woke) company. One determined couple flew in from Jersey, loved the show, slept in a Kensington hotel and flew back the next day – with her in a wheelchair. The spirit triumphed, like yours, as you keep winkling out the humour from the dreary mess of the world. Carry on winkling!


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