Are you a town mouse or a country mouse?

Are you a country mouse or a town mouse or do you have a foot in both camps? 

QUESTION        A         BC
What kind of car do you drive?                      Latest spec 4 x 4Five year old 4 x 4Ancient Land Rover Defender
What’s in the warming oven of your Aga?The instructionsMeringuesAn orphan lamb
What do you shoot with?My new iPhone has a marvellous cameraMy godfather left me quite a decent pair of shotgunsDepends what I’m shooting.  
When you don’t want to cook what do you do?Does Deliveroo deliver outside the M25?Take a casserole out of the freezer.Pop down to the chippy.
What colour are your wellies?Navy and tan DubarryGreenNo idea – too muddy to tell
What do you do if offered a brace of pheasants?Refuse – you’ve no idea how to cook them.Ask if they are oven ready.Accept with thanks.
What do wear on Sunday?Tomato red cords with blue jumperSuit and tie – must look tidy for churchOveralls
What do you wear during the weekSuit and tie – must look tidy in the cityTomato red cords with blue jumperOveralls
How do you get on with your neighbours?Fine – don’t know them.Fine – they know my children.Fine – they knew my grandparents.
Do you eat seasonal vegetables?No idea- is asparagus in season?Always get mine from Waitrose and try to buy British.Get mine out of the garden.
What eggs to you buy?Burford Brown Free RangeLocal Farm ShopFrom own chickens
DogsLabradoodleLurcherSeveral Labradors and a brace of Springers.
Go to London (or other major city)During the weekOnce a monthNever
Holiday destinationCaribbean and/or VerbierLodge in ScotlandDay trip to Country Show
BeltGucciOld school oneBailer twine  
MagazineCountry LifeThe FieldFarmer’s Weekly
Do you wash your hands after touching animals?AlwaysSometimesOnly if they look dirty
What is QuornHealthy Meat substitute  Laboratory created vegetarian optionA hunt
How many birds can you identifySwan, peacock and probably a robin.About 30 with the aid of Collins book of Garden birdsThose that are legal to shoot, when they are in season and if the are good to eat.
What do you do for cultural stimulationGo to the operaGo to the theatreGo to the pub

Mostly As – You are definitely Tommy Town Mouse.   You like the country from a safe distance.   A luxury country house hotel or staying with friends who have efficient central heating and rooms with en-suite bathrooms.   A nice walk on a sunny day in the dry – otherwise it is better seen from behind glass.   The countryside is very noisy and draughty.

Mostly Bs – You straddle the fence on this.   You are keen to be part of the country squirearchy – but wouldn’t want to give up all ties to the city.   Where would you get your hair cut for one thing?   The countryside would be improved if there were more people like you living there, then it wouldn’t be quite so muddy and disorganised.   You will probably stand for election to the Parish Council so that you can try and sort things out

Mostly Cs –  You are a dyed in the wool country person.   You don’t approve of change and resent these incomers who are only here five minutes before they are trying to improve things.   What’s wrong with the old ways – they were all right for our ancestors.   Too much health and safety putting notices up everywhere to state the bleeding obvious ‘Danger Deep Water’ ‘Now Wash your Hands’ ‘Beware of the Dog’. Just leave well alone.

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  1. I love the hilarious questionnaire, Stella! Did you create it? I still miss you and the group so much. I hope when we retire next year I’ll find a group to join again. My life has been far too tiring and challenging here in Manchester to write much, sadly, but the longing is still alive inside me.
    xx Patricia


    1. I thought I had replied to you – I definitely need to hone my computer/blogging skills. I wanted to say that we would all love you to join us via Zoom for one of our meetings whether you’ve written anything or not – we spend most of the time chatting! Even when we haven’t done anything we still seem to have plenty to say!


      1. Hi Stella, thanks for the invitation to join you on Zoom for a meeting! David zooms all the time, but I am still a novice. I’m sure he can show me how. I’ll let you know when I can ‘visit’ with you all! xx Patricia


  2. Brilliant – should be a page in Country Life. Makes this semi-reluctant Marylebone townie yearn to be able to tick some of the boxes – but have no wellies/dogs/red or pink trousers/etc! Thank you, Stella, for a most welcome laugh.


    1. Thank you so much – we ned to laugh or we’d definitely cry. Getting very bored of not being able to go out to eat or see friends, whilst appreciating that I’m very lucky.


  3. I think I have become a city mouse even though I was brought up in the country. How are you? Work going well? A chum of mine just had a breast removed. Straight into hospital and no messing about. Must be serious.. Hugs. RXX

    Please note my new email address:

    Sent from my iPad Rose Kendall +44 (0) 7305 465781



  4. Thank you Stella cheered me up no end waiting in the queue for my Covid jab! First 30 minutes queueing was outside – not used to standing still in the freezing cold! Just got my fingers working and third from the front now. Unless the queue continues round the corner…..


    1. I was so lucky with my jab as I’m back working as a volunteer so got mine at the hospital – very short wait inside. No reaction either and have a date for second one! Hope that we will see each other before too long! xx


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